What you need to know about lower back pain

This is a web site about lower back pain – it contains lots of useful information to help you understand and manage your back problem.
low back pain exercise The internet is full of sites about back pain, what makes this one different?
  • I’m a physiotherapist with years of experience treating back pain (read more about me). I also have a passion for research which means the information on here is as reliable and up to date as I can find.

  • I’m used to talking about back pain to my patients which helps me explain complex subjects in a way that makes them easy to follow.

  • I offer practical suggestions based on the hundreds of different questions, stories, and situations of the people I’ve worked with who have back pain

Where are your symptoms?

Click the image to see the most common causes of pain in different areas:

symptoms of back pain femoral nerve pain lower back and hip pain left side back pain piriformis syndrome and buttock pain meralgia paresthetica numbness and tinglingright side back pain central back pain sacroiliac joint dysfunction lower back pain sciatica  

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

thumbnail image to an infographic on causes of back pain




It's hard to see the wood for the trees - start by reading about the three main types of back pain and find out about the two most common types of back pain - simple or non-specific and sciatica.






What treatments are best for back pain?

The amount of choice is confusing. Get a breakdown of some common treatments for back pain and see if they are for you or not. Research based advice on what treatment works and what doesn’t.

What about exercises for back pain?

I have picked some exercises for back pain - many with a video showing exactly how the exercise should be done

back stretching exercise

videoHelpful videos of lower back exercises Look out for this icon.


Want something really easy to do?

Get some great tips to improve your posture.

What about tests like scans and X-Ray's?

When should you get that X-ray or MRI scan?

Understand pain and start unlocking your problem

The latest thinking on pain is changing the way back pain is managed. Your feelings and thoughts are the key to unlocking a hidden problem.

You will also find useful information about:

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