Back Knobber - A Great Back Pain Massage Tool

back knobber massagerDespite its terrible name I have to admit I am a great fan of the back knobber!  I own one use it to relieve tension in my neck and shoulders and also in the piriformis muscle.

It’s very simple; it allows you to apply pressure to trigger points and areas of muscle tension in your back that would normally be very difficult to reach. It’s also shaped very cleverly to allow you to increase or decrease the pressure on the point. 

There are other similar devices to be had, the Thera Cane Massager looks a bit similar although seems to have a greater choice of massage head on it.

For smaller areas the Knobbles look good or you can get massage balls that let you apply point pressure to small areas.

The Amazon store below* shows some of the latest back pain massage products available including the backnobber - my favourite!



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