Back Pain Action Guide Fitness Resources

Further resources to support the fitness pool chapter in the Back Pain Action Guide Book

Fitness Advice

How much exercise, when and what - helpful get started guide from the NHS. This is a useful booklet on exercise for overweight people.

Get a free fitness widget for your computer which has ideas to help you lead a more active life. Each day you receive a new tip on how to keep healthy.

Books, audio and other help

Think Right Now* uses a different approach to improving fitness with a behavioural change/motivation type home programme. The 'I love Exercising' CD aims to help you change any negative thought patterns around exercise so that you look forward to moving more and enjoy exercise sessions not dread them. The company offer a 6 month money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so if it doesn't work for you then then you can send it back.

Pedometers - a great way to set and measure goals and brilliant for motivation

Any of these are good bets, I have one of these Omrons that I like.
Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management Software*  or Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer*

Omron Walking Style II Pedometer

America on the Move has a nice advice sheet for pedometer users called 100 hundred ways to add 2000 steps

Heart Rate Monitors - great for pacing and setting goals

I bought one of these Polar Monitors years ago to to pace myself cycling so that I could maintain a nice comfortable rate when exercising. I was really surprised to see that I was pushing it a bit much on hills to start with. Its really interesting to see how my pulse rate has dropped over the years and its very helpful to be able to see how you improve with time. The monitor is still going strong and I've loaned it to a friend now!

Polar FS2C Heart Rate Monitor*

Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor

National Organisations for Fitness

The Fitness League is a nice site which helps you find exercise classes near where you live - UK only sorry.

Moms in Motion - wow, what a great idea. Register your own team or join an existing one- real or virtual - mainly USA.

The Exercise Register lists properly qualified fitness instructors - UK only again I'm afraid.


If you have any suggestions for other useful resources please send them to me and i will take a look.

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