Back Pain Action Guide Flexibility Pool Resource Section

Helpful general links to support the information in the flexibility section of The Back Pain Action Guide


Find a properly qualified Pilates instructor in the UK here:

Body Control Pilates - a trustworthy Uk Pilates Association with a good training programme.

Body Control have produced a great book that I use myself - Official Body Control Pilates Manual: The Ultimate Guide to the Pilates Method - For Fitness, Health, Sport and at Work*.

The Anatomy of Pilates* is a USA  Pilates book which has some great reviews. Its written by a fellow physiotherapist but it may be a bit too technical for some, I'm not sure. If you get it let me know what you think.

Australian Pilates
USA and international Pilates

Alexander Technique

The society for the teachers of Alexander technique
Alexander technique bibliography and research


Yoga Alliance
British wheel of Yoga
Iyengar Yoga UK
Iyengar Yoga USA

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Centres worldwide
American Tai Chi Association
Tai Chi Union for UK

Lower Back Pain Toolkit Home Page

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