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Helpful general links to support the information in the posture section of The Back Pain Action Guide

This is a PDF of the workstation set up chart from the book: Computer ergonomics

Lumbar Rolls

Get yourself a lumbar roll - Amazon have a good selection I have picked out the most popular for you below. I use the original round one (the cheaper one) in the car and my home office.

USA readers
The Original McKenzie Super Roll Lumbar Roll* - Good for office chairs
The Original Mckenzie Lumbar Roll - Standard Firmness*  - Good all round roll
UK Readers
McKenzie D Lumbar Roll* - Office chair suitable
McKenzie Original Lumbar Roll *- Multi-purpose roll  

If you need a new chair or mattress I suggest visiting Back in Action for personalised and professional help deciding on the best equipment for your situation.

Online Stopwatches so you can remember to take regular breaks from working.

This site is a bit ugly but contains some very helpful information on computer and keyboard ergonomics. It takes  you through a checklist of ergonomic pointers with workstation and sitting positions.

This is a pretty thorough 70 odd page guide to workplace ergonomics if you really want to delve into this subject.

This is a good chair checklist. Compare this against your chair and decide if you need a  new one.

Sleep council - very helpful choosing a mattress questionnaire and tons of really helpful advice on choosing a new bed.

Alexander Technique- The society for the teachers of Alexander technique.
Alexander Technique bibliography and research list

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