Relaxation Resources

Further resources to support the thoughts and beliefs pool chapter in the Back Pain Action Guide Book

Learning to Relax

This is so important especially if you have chronic pain.


I use this little programme called Pzizz* which lets you create unique sound files to help you sleep, power nap or relax. I love the way the sounds are different each time so I don't get too used to it and I really like the fact that I can make the recordings any length. this is a great tool to help you quiet your mind. They have a money back guarantee so you can see if you like it.

The Think Right Now * programme takes a different approach with a behaviour modification programme that helps you overcome anxiety and stress. There are a choice of several programmes which help you reduce anxiety, improve self esteem and feel better about yourself. This has a 6 month guarantee so you can get your money back if it doesn't suit you.



What are the * links?

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