Back Pain Action Guide Main Pool Resource Section

Helpful general links to support the information in Back Pain Action Guide

National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (NASS) UK, lively proactive society with lots of local groups in the UK

USA equivalent of NASS with quite a few support groups and a good resources section

Arthritis research campaign - masses of useful information that cross cuts international boundaries

USA arthritis Foundation

National Osteoporosis Society UK, local groups, information on diet and more

USA based osteoporosis organisation

Research nitty gritty

Clinical Guidelines - essential reading

National Institute for Clinical excellence (NICE) - Guidelines for best practice

The Cochrane library - systematic reviews - a great place to start

Pubmed - Its not always best to start looking for evidence here, look at the cochrane library first.

Search the whole lot from the NHS evidence portal

Intute database - a database of respected websites for study and research

Lower Back Pain Toolkit Home Page