Weight Loss Help

Further resources to support the lifestyle pool chapter in the Back Pain Action Guide Book

Eat Well
Diet and Nutrition Advice from the NHS - high quality and links to helpful tools.
This is a useful booklet on exercise for overweight people.

Track, track, track your Calories
I honestly think one of the most helpful ways to lose weight is to track what you are eating. It is incredibly easy to add calories without even noticing and it is also very easy to make healthy food swaps. You could just use a paper diary but there are two very good online alternatives which I like a lot.

Fitday is a USA based programme which means all the information for an American diet is included in the database. UK and other users can use it but you have to add your own foods to it a lot. It calculates calories, nutritional profiles and lots more. I think it is a a very good programme.

Weight Loss Resources is a similar programme for UK users with a monthly subscription fee that lets you keep a food and exercise diary, Set goals and get great support form the nutritional support staff and the forums.

Books and Audio
Try a staggeringly simple and revolutionary approach to weight loss. This programme helps you change your thinking about food so you eat less and make healthier choices. it makes very good sense and is very relaxing too.

USA edition: Paul McKenna- I Can Make You Thin: The Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People (Book and CD)*

UK edition:I Can Make You Thin - Love Food, Lose Weight: New Full Colour Edition (includes free DVD and CD)

Think Right Now Healthy Eating* is another fresh approach. It uses an audio programme which helps you change your behaviour. It involves listening to a behavioural modification CD. The company offer a 6 months guarantee so you can return it if you don't find it helpful.


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