Core Stabilization Exercises for Lower Back Pain

This core stabilization exercise is similar to the arm lift low back exercise, but is a little more difficult. Settle into the neutral position that is so important for core stability exercises for lower back pain, but this time stretch your leg backwards behind you.

Three Point Kneeling - Leg Lifts

back strengthening exercises


Make sure you don’t allow your back to sag or twist, keep your spine in a neutral position using your abdominal and back muscles.

Keep breathing.

Try and hold the contraction for 10 seconds or 10 breaths 10 times in a row alternating between arms. If that is too difficult then do less and build up.

Maintain neutral but try not to get too caught up with getting a perfect technique. the important thing is you are switching on your core stability muscles and using them to keep a nice neutral position.

Difficulty – moderate

This exercise strengthens the muscles and trains them to cope with movements by challenging them in a certain direction. I would give these exercises to someone who has a rotational dysfunction. In layman’s terms that would mean someone who has trouble controlling the twisting movements of the spine. Get your physiotherapist to assess you to see if this is the type of work you need to do.

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Core Stabilization Exercises for Lower Back Pain




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