Exercises for Sciatica

Side glides can a useful treatment for sciatic nerve pain

Exercises for sciatica can be a bit tricky - not everyone benefits from them. Depending on the cause of the irritated nerve, movement can sometimes improve the pain from a pinched nerve. Sometimes when sciatic pain is severe the body responds by moving away from the sore side. This is often compounded by muscle spasm in the trunk and back muscles. This movement is easy to spot in clinic and we call it a 'shift'.

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This sciatica exercise may help correct the shift and ease the symptoms but it needs to be supervised so that it is done in the correct direction. Care must be taken not to aggravate the symptoms, especially if leg pain or tingling and numbness in the feet or legs is present.

exercises for sciatica

Try standing sideways to a wall and gently moving your hips in toward the wall.

Make sure that this does not increase your leg pain, or any other leg symptoms. Check with your physical therapist before trying it.


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