Femoral Nerve Pain


I suffered a slipped disc approx 3 weeks ago and although my back feels fine now it has left me with a pain down the front of my thigh from my hip to my knee. I have a tingling burning sensation as well as pain which gets worse when I walk. Is this related to the slipped disc and what is the best


Hi Janice,

I afraid I can't give you any specific advice about your problem as I have not assessed you and there would be lots of questions I would want to ask!

However, generally speaking those symptoms could indeed be linked to a nerve root irritation from a disc bulge. It is a bit less common for it to be the root of the femoral nerve that is irritated, its more usual that the sciatic nerve is involved. If you want to see a chart that outlines the different nerve root patterns there is one on this sciatica page

For anyone with leg symptoms and pins and needles or numbness it is important you make sure you have nothing more serious the matter, although it is unlikely that you have, check these
signs of serious back problems and go and see someone if you have any of them.

Generally treatment for a nerve root irritation involves keeping gently active, finding a position of ease, monitoring the nerve root symptoms and waiting. A physiotherapist can give you appropriate back exercises and back pain management advice. Often the symptoms disappear with time, 3 weeks is very early days, it can take months sometimes.If the symptoms don't ease a referral to see a neurosurgeon is sometimes needed although this is certainly not the case for everyone.

I would strongly advise that you ask your GP to refer you to a physiotherapist where you will be assessed and they can monitor you and give you a programme of treatment tailored to your particular problem.

I hope you start to feel better soon,


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