The Importance of Correct Posture - Make Sure You Have the Right Posture Support

Don't underestimate the importance of correct posture - bad or stooped posture can lead to lower back pain, especially if you stay in the same position for too long. It is a very simple thing to change the way you sit and move and it can make a surprisingly big difference to the way you feel.The following pages offer some really easy tips and suggestions to help you improve your posture.

best sleeping position

Sleeping Position

Don't overlook the importance of posture overnight when you are asleep.This guide to the best mattress and sleeping posture will give you some great suggestions for getting the best sleeping position.

normal posture

Normal or Correct Posture

What is 'correct' posture? This is a really good question - don't be fooled into thinking that the shape of your spine is the most important thing - its more important what you do with it all day.

bad sitting posture person in chair

What poor postures lead to back pain?

What do we know about why poor posture leads to back pain?

correct sitting posture

Correct Sitting Posture

What is the correct sitting posture to help you avoid a stooped posture and lower back pain. This illustrated section may help.

computer posture

Correct Computer Posture

Poor computer posture is a classic cause of lower back pain, this illustrated guide to computer ergonomics and correct keyboard posture offers some suggestions for improving your sitting position.


proper lifting techniques

Proper Lifting Techniques

Poor lifting techniques can be a cause of lower back pain . This section on proper lifting techniques shows an illustration of the correct way to lift and gives lots of helpful tips.


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