Back Pain Guidelines and Research

Keep up to date with back pain news and information here. I keep myself up to date by reading a lot of research about back pain. If I see anything important or interesting I will write about it here.

Here is selection of the key guidelines for treating back pain


NICE Guidelines for the management of lower back pain from the UK - these key guidelines concentrate on the first year

American Clinical Practice Guidelines for Lower Back Pain - A strong American voice that reinforces European and New Zealand/Australian guidelines.

Coping well with the worry and fright that often happens when you have back pain has been recognised more and more a key part of back pain recovery.

Read more in the full New Zealand Acute Low Back Pain Guidelines document here.

There is also a newer research article (2011) reappraising yellow flags Early Identification and Management of Psychological Risk Factors (“Yellow Flags”) in Patients With Low Back Pain: A Reappraisal



Managing nerve root pain and sciatica - Sciatica Guidelines from Prodigy in the UK

Non-Specific or Simple Lower Back Pain Guidelines also from Prodigy in the UK

Other Research Papers of Note

Sciatic Nerve Pain
Research suggests that surgery for sciatic nerve pain may not lead to better outcomes when compared to conservative care.

Blogs and Web Sites I Like

Check out these very interesting blogs which take a nice measured vew of the medical literature:

Science Blog -Medicine and Health-includes back pain news

Body in Mind - Research into the role of the brain and mind in chronic pain disorders





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