Free Back Pain Answers e-Course

I see a lot of people with lower back pain and they often share similar worries, fears and uncertainties.

This 7 part e-course collects these common questions together and delivers straightforward answers directly to you.

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The Back Pain Answers e-Course includes:

  • What causes back pain and is it serious?

  • Can I expect it to get better or worse?

  • What tests should I have - if any?

  • What is the best way to manage the problem?

  • Should I see someone for treatment? Who?

  • What can I do to help myself?

  • Case Studies of real life examples
Back pain answers e course


But that's not all .....

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  • Don't waste time and money on pointless treatments. I will share what I know about which treatments are shown to work and which ones don't

  • I read a lot of back pain research - I will share anything I think is interesting or important with you

  • Don't get duped - back pain is big business - get the low down on the truth behind the headlines

  • Get news and reviews about the latest back pain products and get my honest opinion about whether I think they are worth investing in

  • Keep up to date with new content on this website and get links to some other interesting up-to-the-minute back pain sites

I have to stay up to date with the news and research because treating back pain is my job! Take advantage of that and let me do the hard work for you.

I hate it when I sign up for anything and then get bombarded by junk. I promise that Back Chat will only be sent out if and when I have something I think is worth sharing... original, valuable information.

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