Sciatica Exercises - Help with Pain Relief

Sciatica exercises are sometimes helpful for pain relief. If you are sure you have sciatica ( 95% of people with lower back pain have simple lower back pain not sciatica) and if you are sure that you have no worrying symptoms like those described in this severe lower back pain section then some exercises for sciatica may help.


You must discuss these exercises with your physiotherapist or doctor before trying any of them out. Not all exercises will be suitable for everyone so please do check first.

sciatica exercises This exercise for sciatica may be helpful in the early stages, it involves gently arching your back..
sciatica exercise This exercise is one of my favourites.It is sometimes good if you like lying on your front.
sciatica exercises This may be a useful exercise for sciatica for some. It won't suit everyone though.
sciatica exercises

Sciatica Home Treatment steps 1-4 managing your pain and finding a comfortable position is crucial.

Home Treatment for Sciatica
Home Treatment for Sciatica steps 5-7 - should you go to work?

Important Note: None of these exercises should worsen your sciatic pain. They most certainly should not worsen your leg pain. If you find that your symptoms are worsening then stop the exercises immediately and talk to your doctor.


  • Not all exercises are suitable for all people with sciatic back pain.

  • Only If your physiotherapist or doctor agrees try a few minutes of these exercises for sciatica on and off throughout the day.

  • If none of these exercises for sciatica make any difference then stop them and get more help and advice from your doctor or physiotherapist.

Make sure you understand all about nerve root pain before attempting any Sciatica Exercises

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