Walking for Fitness

Walking for fitness has to be one of the easiest ways possible to increase your health related fitness levels. 

walking for fitness The latest recommendations  suggest we do some moderate-intensity physical activity for a half hour most days of the week. Wait! I can almost hear your disbelief from here. This might sound impossible and totally ridiculous but it can be achieved with a little effort and some changes in routine to incorporate more walking.  The half hour doesn’t have to be all in on go, so simply increasing your daily walking may help you reach this target.

What is so good about walking for fitness?

  • It’s a very safe and easy way to improve your fitness
  • Almost anyone can do it (including people with back pain*)
  • You can do it anywhere and at anytime
  • You don’t need special equipment, just some good walking shoes.
  • There is little risk of injury
  • You can start gently and build up gradually.
  • Its free and can be sociable if you walk with someone.

Starting a walking fitness programme

  • If you can only walk for a few minutes that's  fine – build up gradually.
  • Try and incorporate walking into your daily routine:
  • Don’t drive less than a mile – walk to the local shop
  • Get off the bus a stop earlier
  • Park at the far end of the supermarket car park
  • Use the stairs not the lift
  • Have a walk at lunchtime – take your lunch to the park.
  • Walk the children to school
  • Look for a local walking group
  • Try using a pedometer, I find these are great to keep my motivation going.

*Check with your health care provider before starting any fitness regime

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Online Resources

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