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What Causes Back Pain?

There are three main causes of back pain:

  1. Non-specific or Simple
  2. Sciatica or nerve irritation
  3. Serious or specific diseases

The most common of these three is the first one - non-specific - and this section will tell you everything you need to know about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of this really common type of back problem.

non specific back pain - bucket diagnosis
What causes simple or non-specific lower back ache ? A whole range of different conditions are put under this umbrella heading - which is why I describe it like a bucket. Find out what you can expect to find in the bucket and why.
back pain symptoms bosy chart thumbnail Find out about the most common symptoms of lower back pain,how it starts and what you can expect to happen if you have got it.
resting on your back First aid for non specific back pain - what to do in the first few days
diagnosisng back pain - thumbnail of a doctors bag Diagnosis of this condition is less about knowing what it is and much more about knowing what it is not - it is a process of elimination - of ruling other things out. This section will explain how your doctor will ask questions and examine you and will be able to diagnose and tell you what type of back problem you have.
Cause of lower back pain thumbnail diagram
Why do so many of us get this type of back ache? Find out about the genetic, lifestyle and environmental reasons why this back problem is so common.
causes of lower back pain
Read some case studies about how simple lower back problems start.
cause of lower back pain
There is a bewildering choice of treatment choices to help you manage this problem. This section looks at the different types of treatment and explains how they work and how they may help you manage your back ache.


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